5 Min Crafts: Baking

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5 Min Crafts: Baking
Cody Ko

  • Halfway through this turned into a Wubby video. Love it.

    Joseph TuthillJoseph Tuthill21 órája
  • 5:26 Cody lost his frat boy skills

  • Noel watching this after hearing that Cody likes The Great British Baking Show more than Love Island: 👁👄👁🖕🏼

  • Cody just out here smacking everything smh😂

    allison campbellallison campbellNapja
  • You know when Cody said he’d shake every one of our hands, I shed a tear. Then, when he said, “No I wouldn’t,” my tear sucked it’s way back into my eyeball.

  • the content i subscribed for

  • these cooking while drunk videos hace so much rewatch value

    Gloria LastraGloria LastraNapja
  • I just KNOW Cody was the kid at school who was perfect at everything

    Gavneet BhandalGavneet BhandalNapja
  • and all in 5 minutes. wow... just wow. bravo...

    Mr. ᗩΣᖇѲMr. ᗩΣᖇѲ2 napja
  • Congrats brotha! Love ya Fam ❤ New Mexico 🇺🇸

    Master KiefMaster Kief2 napja
  • Emma chamberlain wanna fight you start on the internet and then battle each other

    MW2ninjaclanMW2ninjaclan2 napja
  • Why does he end up drunk in every. single. 5 minute craft video

    Emma McBrideEmma McBride3 napja
  • "It's been what 4-5 years" to think Cody started his channel when he was 55 😭 feels like yesterday

    hehe hehehe he3 napja
  • we have the same shirt

    Aubrey BakerAubrey Baker3 napja
  • i now need a compilation of Cody just violently smacking things😂

    EmberWolf333EmberWolf3333 napja
  • u should bleach ur hair again

    bella chloebella chloe3 napja
  • take a shot every time he said fuck

    Cheyanne WoodCheyanne Wood3 napja
  • Best part is Kelsey coming in and instantly crump dancing (krump dancing?)

    Adilah ZaforAdilah Zafor4 napja
  • People only understand the cover fully when they watch the video...

    Trial and ErrorTrial and Error4 napja
  • the song made me emotional a bit

    August PitattiesAugust Pitatties4 napja
  • Can anyone tell me what the appeal is with baking shows? Like not this but the great British

    Spencer LudmanSpencer Ludman4 napja
  • love you chodester

  • Has Cody watched the try guys bread baking video

    Maxwell KisMaxwell Kis5 napja
  • Well if HUworld fails, you can become a baker and host your own cooking channel!

    Malaika MitchellMalaika Mitchell5 napja
  • Unsubscribed...... Jk

    Devin LoaizaDevin Loaiza5 napja
  • the jaw movement made me fucking choke

    LyssLyss5 napja
  • i want babish's opinion on this someone tell him

    Daria HerreraDaria Herrera5 napja
  • why is he being so chaotic?

    Daria HerreraDaria Herrera5 napja
  • Whhaaattt I wanna make cinnamon rolls now 🥴

    Alyssa LibertAlyssa Libert6 napja
  • YOUR BUTTER MELTING SKILLS GIVE ME SO MUCH ANXIETY OMFG!!!!!!!!! Oydoydsgizisodohsoyswtwtwtatsigzgoxhlc

    Mel PotMel Pot6 napja
  • Awww did anyone else tear up seeing those super old videos of Cody?? No? Just me? Ok 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

    BellalunarsoulzBellalunarsoulz6 napja
  • Baking will never be the same in my house. Yeeyee YEAST!! 🤠🤠🤠

    BellalunarsoulzBellalunarsoulz6 napja
  • the milk was sitting out the entire video

    Frankie SankeyFrankie Sankey6 napja
  • Cody being so kind and asking Kelsey if she wants to have the first bite is the gentleman we need

    Max RockwoodMax Rockwood6 napja
  • Can somebody tell me the amount of times he slaps the dough lmao

    Kylie ThroneKylie Throne6 napja
  • congratz dude

    KatroKatro6 napja
  • this man looks flawless

    ss7 napja
  • your hair is always in the bad feeling state, how.

    C0nsequenceC0nsequence7 napja

  • I did a rough count and he slapped or hit the dough about 53 times throughout the video

    Eoghan NeisonEoghan Neison7 napja
    • very funny real comedian

      SplickumSplickum7 napja